How to become a member and get Fob + FAQ's


What is the cost of membership?

The annual cost of membership is €20 per person per annum.  A fob will be required for access to the section of the track that traverses the golf course and will be recieved upon payment of the membership fee.  If the fob is lost, stolen or damaged and a new one required, an additional fee of €6 will be incurred for a replacement fob.

How do I apply for membership?

Please click on the "Membership Application Form" tile and follow the steps outlined.

  1. Applications will be reviewed & processed and you will be notified of same;
  2. A Fob will be allocated to each member/family;
  3. Payment can now be made via Electronic Fund Transfer to the following  bank account:

    Account Name: Ballyneety Community Development Association

    IBAN: IE08 AIBK 9354 7616 8810 23


How do I pay my  €20  annual subscription?

  1. Payment can now be made via Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) to the below  bank account: On receipt of this payment, your fob will be activated for an additional year.

    Account Name: Ballyneety Community Development Association

    IBAN: IE08 AIBK 9354 7616 8810 23

What is the route?

The walk has two distinct sections. Starting at the village the track brings you through the neighbourhoods of Bellewood, The Cottages, The Grove, The Glen  and along the perimeter of the Golf Course to the Driving Range.

From this point, the track is exclusive to Members and their guests.



The Walking Track through the Golf Course is 3.2kms. Winding its way through the tree lined fairways to the highest point of the couse with lovely views all round.


Can a guest/non-member accompany me?

Guests are permitted to accompany members on the walking track.  It is the responsbility of all members to ensure their guest(s)' safety.  Guest must be made aware of the interfacing points where the walking track and golf course meet.  Members must also ensure their guest(s) comply with the etiquette signage throughout the track.

Will the opening times change?

The standard opening times are set out below.   These are being introduced on a trial basis and may be extended in time.  There may also be times that due to certain golfing events the track may be closed, but this is estimated to be once or twice a year at the most.

April through to Oct     6.00am - 9.00am and 20.30 - 23.00
Nov through to Mar       7.00am - 11.00am and 16.00 - 21.30


What are the etiquette policies?

  • Walkers must keep to the marked pathways;

  • Children U18 must be accompanied by parents/guardians;

  • Dogs must be leashed and soiling collected and disposed of appropriately;

  • Footwear should be suitable for country surfaces;

  • No amplified music;

  • No littering;

  • No loitering;

  • No cycling;

  • No motorised vehicles;

  • Golfers have right-of-way;

  • Pay heed to signage and safety rules;

  • Be alert to the presence of work vehicles and golf carts;