Rental Terms and Conditions

The Ballyneety Community Development Association (BCDA) facility includes an indoor multi-purpose innovation hub and an outdoor astroturf pitch.  All persons renting the facility must obey the rules and observe the Terms and Conditions which are set out hereunder and are deemed to be accepted on completion of a booking:-

1.       All bookings must be paid for in full by credit card or cash at the time of booking.  Online booking is subject to a booking charge. 24 hours notice is required for all bookings.                        

2.       All clubs and other organised groups must have their own public liability insurance.  All individuals booking the facility for classes i.e. yoga, fitness etc, must have professional indemnity insurance in addition to their own public liability insurance.  Original insurance certificates must be produced on request. 

3.       Unsupervised children are not permitted in, on or around the facility.

4.       Underage groups or individuals must be accompanied by at least one competent adult to supervise the proper and safe usage of the facility.

5.       No spectators are permitted inside the perimeter fence and no prams/buggies, bicycles, skates, skate boards etc or any dogs or animals are allowed in or on the facility.

6.       No metal studs are allowed in or on the facility and all boots must be cleaned before use and removed if entering the indoor facility.   

7.       Food, chewing gum and glass are not allowed on or in the vicinity of the astroturf pitch and drinks may only be carried in a recyclable container.

8.       No training or warm up sessions are allowed on any of the grass areas or pathways surrounding the facility.

9.       Smoking and consumption of unauthorised alcohol in, on or in the vicinity of the facility are strictly prohibited. 

10.     Users must vacate the facility promptly at the end of their allotted time to facilitate others.

11.     Management reserves the right to forbid the use of any equipment which may cause damage to the facility or put at risk the enjoyment or safety of others.

12.     Parking is only allowed in the designated car park spaces in the vicinity of the facility.

13.     All users are expected to behave in an appropriate manner at all times and management reserves the right to refuse admission to any person or group acting inappropriately.

14.     Access to surrounding premises or land is strictly prohibited.

15.     Management will be the sole decider if the facility has to be closed for adverse weather or any other reason and in that event management will make every reasonable effort to contact the user in advance.  In the event of a cancellation by management, BCDA will, at its sole discretion, offer the user an alternative reservation or re-imburse the charges that have been received.   

16.    Bookings can be cancelled by using the reschedule/cancellation button on the confirmation of booking email from BCDA or by emailing Ballyneetyhub@gmail.com provided cancellations are made at least 24 hours before the allotted time.

17.     Data Protection

          By making a booking the user consents to BCDA keeping electronically or in writing information that is capable of identifying the user.  BCDA will use this information for its own purposes, for example to make repeat bookings or for marketing, and will not pass the information to other companies without the user’s consent.   

18.     Liability

BCDA will not be responsible or liable for any injury arising from the use of the facility.  BCDA does not provide supervision.  All users use the facility at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety and the safety of others using the facility with them.